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The lion's share of our business is done through a mail-order process.
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Still, we love doing modifications ourselves.
There's nothing like getting greasy to brighten up our days.

Helena Service Area

Help us make this a better planet.
Get Wave-Form Technology applied to
all your gasoline engines today!

Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint,
but your engine will run cooler,
Last longer
Cost less to operate.

You will notice the difference immediately.

Many owners with digital readouts begin to see improvements in MPGs
by the time they get back from their test drive.

2003 mitsubishi eclipse power and emissions
Connie Simpson's Reaction
As to the cost for our service, the average modification runs about $500, and includes
a replacement throttle assembly.

In order to determine exactly what your cost will be,
the following information will help.
We will need the Year, the Make, the Model and Engine Size
to order the proper replacement in advance of your visit for the best results.

The throttle body is usually round, is 2”-5” in diameter,
can be found by following the intake air hose from the air filter box,

and looks like this:
Mounted Throttle Body

Throttle bodies that are either dual-port, wide oval, or in carburetors run $500
in addition to the cost of the throttle body.
Here's what they look like:

Dual Port ThrottleFord Dual-Port System Wide Oval Throttle Ford Wide-Oval

There is only one brand of carburetor we've found that cannot be modified due to design considerations,
and that is the Quadrajet, used on General Motors Vehicles from the early 70's on.

Here's what they look like:
General Motors Quadrajet

If you have one of these, you're running on a carburetor that has a bad reputation for leaks.
I highly recommend replacing it with a compatible Holley or Edelbrock for the best fuel efficiency and reliability.

Not only do they NOT have 864,000 parts, seals and shafts that wear out,
(an exaggeration)
they are imminently tune-able and parts are readily available at the average parts house.

Carbureted engines usually see immediate increases of 25-50%,
and that's without rejetting (tuning) the fuel delivery.

 Here's what they look like:
 2 BBL carb
2-Barrel Carburetor
Edelbrock Performance Carb
Edelbrock Performance Series
Holley Carb
Holley 4-Barrel Carburetor

Now, if you've got the information you've been seeking, why don't you

Special pricing is available for fleet customers and for those in less favorable financial conditions.

Remember our company watchword

"Everybody wins, or we don't play."

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