How it Works

The process of applying Wave-Form Technology is very simple, and very straightforward.

Groove ShapeWave-Form Generator

First, we discuss your application, then compare that to the results that similar vehicles or engines have experienced.
We go one step further, and evaluate your engine for a couple of other simple improvements and their potential for benefit in your life.

Once we have determined the scope of the benefits to your engine, we discuss the actual application itself.
This consists of a simple modification to the shape of a single part
that every gasoline engine shares, the throttle assembly.

This part is the first thing the air passes through as it enters the engine,
which serves to meter the amount of air allowed to flow.

throttle on intake

Simply put, it is a gate, and it is controlled-either directly or indirectly-by the position of your foot
on the accelerator pedal. It is to this part the modification is applied.

We remove the throttle valve assembly
(usually about 20 minutes or so)
and, by using our specially designed bits, we machine a unique shape
into the air passage just downstream of the throttle plate.

Because of the aerodynamics only present there,
it creates a greatly amplified pressure wave in the intake air stream.
This wave, when it is applied to the fuel, causes more complete vaporization.

Grooved Throttle

Once the groove is machined into the throttle,
we reinstall the assembly onto the engine.
With the addition of a single vacuum cap, the installation is complete.

The entire installation process takes less than an hour on most engines.
Many are done in 45 minutes and are ready for what we call the “Conditioning Run”,
when we 'convince' the ECU to operate at enhanced levels.

Injector pulse width and timing are adjusted by the computer automatically,
and your engine grows more efficient the longer it runs.
It will immediately experience better temperature management and
tremendous reduction or complete elimination of noxious gas emissions.

Your tailpipe will begin to smell more like dryer vent or hot, moist air as
the system is organically cleaned as a result of more complete combustion.

Most vehicles gain in mileage immediately.

Once in a while a vehicle will lose mileage initially.
This is perfectly normal, and will pass in a few operation cycles.
Depending on your personal driving characteristics,
it may take a couple of weeks before it completely adapts.
Once it does, you will be driving not only the most efficient vehicle of its kind in its class,
but will be helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions
as previously thought impossible to manifest with a gasoline engine.

Overall, you will be delighted with the results, as thousands of customers agree.

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